Here's the community behind the community...

Coming from different backgrounds towards a common goal of a gaming and content creation community

We started in 2023 to put Africa on the map

The African continent is bustling with talent and passion. From the explosive growth of Nollywood to the ubiquitous Afrobeat. Africa is setting the tone for culture. However, when it comes to gaming or content creation, Africa gets dark!

A group of Africa bred folks teamed up to strategically identify untapped talent in the content creation and video game world who are poised for growth and eager to capitalize on global opportunities in this space. 

Our vision is by 2030, Africa is leading the gaming and content creation space just like Afrobeats did to the music genre


Our team is made up of enthusiasts


Ex Head of Product for YouTube Gaming Monetization


PR guru for musicians and artists


Marketer for US and Nigerian companies


Blogger, Gamer, Creator, 


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Waiting on your friend...